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Voluntary Products

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How about coverage 24/7 on and off the job for accidents? From the moment you see a doctor or healthcare provider within 72 hours of the accident your benefits go into motion. Helping to offset costs due to an accident. From physician to hospital to intensive care, your benefits start adding up. Whether you have health insurance or not, The accident pays. Add your spouse or better yet, add your children.

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Short Term Disability
When you are sick or hurt and can't work, do you still get paid? In these tough economic times, missing work can mean missing a mortgage payment or utility bill. This plan is 100% custom built per employer then employee. Choose the amount you need per month (up to 63% of monthly earnings) and choose the benefit length; 3 months or 6 months. This is your PAYCHECK PROTECTOR.

Please contact Jo Ramirez @ 850-686-6216
The last thing you need to worry about upon the diagnosis of Cancer if finances. This plan begins paying upon diagnosis with Cancer and continues through chemo or radiation; second opinions and travel; experimental treatment and recurrences. This plan is a must have if you have family history or just a plain concern.

Please contact Jo Ramirez @ 850-686-6216
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