About us
We Know You and Insurance

Gulf Breeze Insurance, Inc. is an independent full-service individual & employee benefit firm specializing in individual health and dental insurance to group insurance for small to mid-size businesses, sole proprietors and the independent contractor in Florida and Alabama. We also assist with facilitating coverage for trade associations and membership groups.

Gulf Breeze Insurance, Inc. was established in August 2005 by Raul Ramirez, President and founder with 20 years of experience as an insurance agent and insurance broker, Mr. Ramirez's background is multifaceted.  His knowledge of the market and unique approach to your needs distinguishes him from his contemporaries.
Our primary objective is to establish a partnership between you, the insurance company and our staff which assures you Quality Protection, Valued Customer Service, and above all, excellent claims support to the Florida and Alabama areas!  Contact us today and learn about how we can help you handle your insurance.  We use a simple approach of getting to know our customer and their needs and believing that we can meet those needs. 
Key Information:
- Areas we cover: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana
- Our expertise: Health, Dental, Vision, Accident, Cancer, Hospital, Short Term Disability, Payroll Services
- Our Experience: Over 30 years combined experience
- Our policies: Our commitment is to you the client and that’s were our loyalty remains. We negotiate coverage terms, request rate discounts and make the carriers fight for your business! That’s the true nature of a good independent agency and a broker with the clients best interest in mind.
- Any additional services you offer 
Gulf Breeze Insurance, Inc