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This page are for those looking for other services such as Pharmacy Cards & Short term Medical & more.

Short Term Medical Insurance
Florida Health Insurance

Ideal Solution: *Laid off *On-strike *Between jobs *Waiting for other health insurance to start *recent graduate no longer covered under your parents' policy *Seasonal employee Get Quote & or Apply

Prescription Card
Pharmacy Card

Rx PayCard This program is designed to save you money on prescription drug costs! We will help you find low cost medications within the same therapeutic class as a drug you may currently be taking. Quote & Apply

Critical Illness
Critical  IllnessLump Sum benefit in the event you are diagnosed with: Heart Attack, Carcinoma in Situ, Life threatening cancer, coma loss of hearing & more Get Quote & or Apply
Life InsuranceDid you know approximately 75% of all Americans are underinsured and don't find out until it's too late! Most life insurance now pays when you live. Read More
Vision$10 copay for eye exams. $25 copay for lenses. Frames and contacts included in your plan. How about coverage for Lasik surgery. This plan has it all. Read More
Cancer / Vascular & More Coverage...
Choose your benefit amount: $5,000 up to $50,000 depending upon needs. Cash paid directly to you! Click to Get Quote & Apply!