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From health insurance for the individual, family or business to dental insurance and vision, we have selected the best plans based upon customer experience.

Why go anywhere else? We have the same plans and same rates for Florida individual health insurance, temporary health insurance Florida as well as Florida high deductible health plan as everyone else with one difference; you can actually speak to a real person. If you have any questions and we can walk you through the quote process and send it straight to you by email!! Gulf Breeze Insurance, Inc. is an independent full-service brokerage firm specializing in benefits for individuals and families to small and mid-size businesses, sole proprietors and the independent contractor in Florida and Alabama.

For you conveniece some of these services will direct you straight to the company webite to obtain a quote. If satisfied you can even apply at that very instant. We do not take payments through this website. This ensures your online security and privacy. .

Individual & Family Health Insurance
Florida Health InsuranceWe have been dealing with Health Insurance companies for years now and 2 have a proven track record with us for rates, claims and customer service. Read More
Group Insurance
Group InsuranceGroup Health Insurance, dental, vision & life. We as well have superior knowledge in the voluntary product environment.. Let us guide you through the process. Read More
Dental InsuranceSeveral Plans to choose from that include perventative services, access to extensive networks, some with no maximum benefits or claim forms. Read More
vision insurance$10 copay for eye exams. $25 copay for lenses. Frames and contacts included in your plan. How about coverage for Lasik surgery. This plan has it all. Read More
Did you know approximately 75% of all Americans are underinsured and don't find out until it's too late! Most life insurance now pays when you live. Read More
Critical Illness, Disability & More
From Short Term Medical, Critical Illness and Short term Disablity, many companies now off these services outside of the work environment. Read More
We strive to have everything you need in order to protect you, your family or business from the unforseen. lf you do not find what you are looking for please Contact Us. .