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Reform, Support & FAQ

Will my insurance company pay for preventative services?  

Starting January 2014, consumers will be eligible for preventative services such as breast cancer screening and cholesterol screening,  without being charged any out-of-pocket costs.  In addition, individuals with preexisting conditions cannot be denied coverage.  

If I don’t have insurance will I have to buy it?

Beginning in 2014, consumers will be required to purchase insurance, or they will have to pay a fine that can start at $99 a year, or 1 percent of income.  If the entire family does not purchase coverage, the penalty could be as much as $2,085 per year or 2.5 percent of household income.  Consumers will have to indicate on their tax return whether they have adequate coverage, and this will continually be monitored by their Internal Revenue Service to enforce the penalties.  For those who cannot obtain coverage, they may end up qualifying for Medicaid.

If I get health coverage through my employer, will I have to change plans, or can I keep my own?

Thus far, the majority of employers have opted to continue providing coverage for employees, as well as dependents under the age of 26.   The United States Department of Health and Human Services is currently in the midst of defining the minimum requirements for the various benefit levels that must be adhered to by insurers and the market.  Your employer is not obligated, necessarily, to keep the exact same plan, and the company has the ability to change premiums, deductibles, co-payments and the doctors in your network.